Dogs of all ages can be trained…

However puppy training, ideally at the age of 5-9 months, leads to a happier, well adjusted dog.

The steps to a successful training program are:
• Defining the breed
• Compiling a detailed history of the dog’s life
• Assessing owner’s willingness to implement training strategies

Our goal is to provide basic training techniques while imparting dog behavior knowledge and a dose of doggy etiquette. The teaming of trainer, owner and dog creates the ultimate goal of a well-mannered house pet. By having a deep understanding of dog behavior and vast training methods, we can customize a training program that fits your dog’s needs and offer solutions to satisfy you both.

If you have decided to add a shelter, rescue, or re-homed dog to your family, be aware that all of these dogs come with baggage. Some dogs have a “small wallet” while others may be dragging a “steamer trunk” with bowling balls inside. Our job as behavioral specialists/trainers is to lighten the load. A temperament test and behavioral assessment will unburden the dog and set it on the path to becoming a happy and healthy companion.

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